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May 20, 2021
Best Steakhouses in Dubai

By living in Dubai City, you know that there is countless number of steakhouses in town; it’s meanly hard to keep track of the most fabulous restaurants that have a great dine in experience with toothsome steak dishes.   If you are a meat lover then this list is absolutely for you! The tastiest steakhouses that...

May 20, 2021
Best cafes in Doha

Having a cup of our favorite drink (mostly coffee) with our beloved ones is all what we need most often, and some of us take this as a part of their lifestyle when they find the right coffee house for them. So, they give high attention in order to which café to select regarding to the quality of the coffee they serv...

June 29, 2021
How Restaurants Can Minimize the Impact of Corona Virus

As we all know one of the industries that got heavily affected by corona virus are restaurants as they are places where people gather with their families and friends to have a good time and a lovely meal and social gatherings became restricted. We created this blog for all restaurant owners to help in minimizing the i...

August 04, 2020
How Restaurants can Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How Restaurants can Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. 1. Social Media. Make sure you post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and advertise promo codes through those platforms. Post photos of your staff because your customers want to see and support the names and faces that they see on their screens. ...